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“An authentic, contemporary range of Indian cuisine, inspired by my grandmother. She told wonderful stories, my favourite of which was The Magic Saffron Tree. The elusive tree, so the story goes, grows in a shaded courtyard in my hometown of Hyderabad.

When it blossoms, the saffron tree yields the most aromatic saffron imaginable. The complex aromas of my range instantly transport me back to my childhood and my grandmother’s wonderous tales.”

Achari Murg

Tender pieces of chicken marinated and cooked in aromatic pickled spices.

Achari Murg

Gosht ka Salan

Succulent chunks of caramelised lamb sautéed in whole spices, slow cooked in chilli, tomato and crushed fenugreek leaves.

Gosht ka Salan from Saffron Tree

Vegetable Korma

A rich aromatic curry made with sautéed vegetables, mild spices and cashew nut paste

Vegetable Korma from Saffron Tree

Aloo Methi

Roasted potatoes tossed in mild spices and fenugreek leaves.

Aloo Methi from Saffron Tree

Dum ka Murg

Mildly spiced pieces of chicken slow cooked in fresh herbs, caramelised onion, cashew butter and green chilli paste.

Dum ka Murg from Saffron Tree

Bagara Rice

Long grained basmati rice flavoured with whole spices.

Bagara Rice from Saffron Tree


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