Monalisa Saffron Tree
Authentic Tradition

Hello, I’m Monalisa. For as long as I can remember I have loved food and cooking. My grandmother, Iona, was my cookery teacher and my food hero! For countless weekends and holidays I sat beside her watching, helping and learning, while she created elaborate meals that graced our tables. Fast forward decades later, and I did a PhD in Education, in which I encouraged and analysed the development of young people’s interpersonal learning through a context that I knew and loved so well…cooking practices.

The ‘plan’ was to put the findings of my research into practice by setting up a cookery school, doing the two things that I so dearly loved: working with food and working with people. However, shortly after completing my doctorate, I was diagnosed with a congenital eye condition. The subsequent surgery led me to identifying a gap in the market for authentic Indian food, as I was forced to rely on supermarket ready meals for my family during the six-week recovery period. This led to the personal quest I embarked upon by creating Saffron Tree’s range of prepared chilled meals.

Saffron Tree’s authentic range of Indian food is based on a collection of classic dishes passed down from my family and friends. My meals pay homage to these special people and to Hyderabad, the city I love and that remains close to my heart.



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