saffron tree vegan breakfast naan

with confit tomato and avocado smash

cauliflower wing pakoras

serves 4

lunchtime lamb naan

a delicious lunch time naan

spiced potato rosti

makes 4

Batair Biryani Recipe from Saffron Tree

batair biryani

a mildly spiced biryani made with marinated quail meat

capsicum & coconut fry

capsicum & coconut fry

green peppers sautéed in mild spices and desiccated coconut

Chana Masala

chana masala

chickpeas cooked in a mildly spiced onion and tomato paste

Chicken Korma

chicken korma

chicken cooked in a mildly spiced cashew and yogurt gravy


chowgra - the 6 vegetable medley

vegetables cooked with ground spices and creamed coconut

fish kebabs from Saffron Tree

fish kebabs

fish cubes marinated in a spiced yogurt base and pan fried/grilled to finish

an aromatic and mildly spiced powdered masala blend - garam masala powder

garam masala powder

an aromatic and mildly spiced powdered masala blend

Goan Fish Curry

goan fish curry

a tangy fish curry cooked in a mildly spiced tamarind and coconut sauce

Kali Dal (Creamy black lentils and kidney beans)

kali dal

red kidney beans and black lentils cooked with tomatoes, spices and cream

Lamb Curry

lamb curry

lamb cooked in a richly spiced sauce

Lamb Rogan Josh

lamb rogan josh

lamb cooked in a rich spicy yogurt sauce

Masala Kaju

masala kaju

a spiced cashew nut stir fry

mint and coriander dipping chutney - easy-to-make dipping sauce

mint and coriander chutney

easy-to-make dipping sauce

Okra Spiced Up

okra - spiced up!

sliced okra tossed in finely chopped onions and spices

Indian cheese and mixed peppers stir fried in a spicy masala - Paneer Jalfrezi recipe

paneer jalfrezi

Indian cheese and mixed peppers stir fried in a spicy masala

Pickled Potatoes

pickled potatoes

diced potatoes cooked in pickled spices

Methi Chicken

methi chicken

chicken cooked with puréed tomatoes, fenugreek leaves and ground spices

Spinach Dal

spiced beetroot

grated beetroot tossed in finely chopped onions and spices

Spinach Dal

spinach dal

yellow lentils cooked with spinach and flavoured with spices

Super Easy Telangana Prawn Fry

super easy telangana prawn fry

prawns tossed in turmeric, chilli and salt

tahari recipe from Saffron Tree


a delicious Hyderabadi pulao made with meat or vegetables

A favourite all over the subcontinent!

tandoori chicken

a favourite all over the subcontinent

Vegetable Pulao

vegetable pulao

basmati rice cooked with whole spices and diced vegetables

Yesterday's Fish Curry Recipe from Saffron Tree

yesterday's fish curry

this classic fish curry tastes best the next day, hence it's called 'yesterday's fish curry'

aubergine masala

delicious aubergine curry

sofyani biryani

a mildly spiced chicken biryani - combining dum biryani and yakhni pulao.

tofu scramble

aromatic scrambled tofu the saffron tree way

saffron tree vegan mushroom & spring onion pakora

yummy vegan pakora

saffron tree dry beef and spiced coconut curry

serve with optional naan 


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