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The TOGETHER blends

The TOGETHER Dal blend

Split dried lentils with a blend of mild and aromatic spices to make a deliciously rich, tangy dal for 4.

The TOGETHER Naan blend

A light and fluffy naan bread blend to make four delicious naan breads.

The TOGETHER Rice blend

A blend of basmati rice with whole and ground spices to create a flavoursome rice dish that serves four. 

The TOGETHER Spice blend

An incredibly versatile blend of spices to create a delicious, medium heat, aromatic Saffron Tree curry for up to four people. Suitable for use with chicken, lamb, beef, seafood, vegetables, paneer or even boiled eggs!

The TOGETHER Pakora blend

A rich blend of spices to create succulent and crispy pakora sides using chicken, seafood, vegetables or paneer.


Saffron Tree Signature Rub

Savour the flavours of classic Indian Kebabs that pack a punch using our Signature Rub.

Rub into your favourite Meat, Chicken or Seafood and Charcoal Grill, Oven Cook or simply Pan Fry for an explosion of authentic Indian flavours in your mouth.


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